Talk of Wilson County TX Historic Towns

by Barbara J. Wood
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Watermelon Jubilee pictures circa 2004

STOCKDALE WILSON COUNTY Texas ..... Watermelon Jubilee photos from about year of Hank White from Remember Floresville When ...
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Stockdale Watermelon Festival 1951

Little girls & boys riding their blue, red, & green tricycles down main street Stockdale Wilson County Texas. One cute girl is pushing her baby carriage with her dolly in the Watermelon Jubliee Parade.  Indeed, a pleasant reminiscent of an earlier time 1951! Contributor, Laura Swiess is the sweet little girl on the right in the checked blouse riding her tricycle down the center line of the street by the police officer.  Taking in this eye-catching photo one can see the Skating Rink, City Cafe and the Dale Theater on the right.  There's  so much to see!