by Barbara J. Wood
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"Peanut Band" 1939

Floresville Wilson County Texas ...... The "Peanut Band" marching & playing in the 1939 Peanut Festival Parade. The uniforms is right on spot! Reading the names you see where the family involvement meandered through generations in same family. I love living in the rural area. The photo was clipped from the  September 27, 1979 issue of the  Floresville Chronicle Journal newspaper. [Photo Caption: Pictured above are:  Sign Carrier – Otto Johns; Drum Major – Dick Niemeyer; Trombones – Alfred Teltschik, someone Clesel and Wilbert Teltschik; Bass – C. A. Moehrig; Trumpets – Victor Miculka, Emil Miculka and someone; French Horn – E. J. Steinbert; Clarinets – Willie Teltschik, Wilfred Teltschik and Fritz Nitschmann; Drums – someone Teltschik, John Schroeder; and Symbols – Elo Nitschmann. Photo Courtesy of Alfred Teltschik ]

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8th Floresville Peanut Festival 1949 parade

Photograph from UTSA Library shows cowboys riding mules pulling a covered wagon in the 8th Floresville Peanut Festival 1949 parade in downtown streets near Wilson County courthouse.

Pioneer Day and Homecoming — 1953 Floresville Peanut Festival

A highlight of Pioneer Day and Homecoming at the 1953 Floresville Peanut Festival  was the presence of twenty-four couples who had been married 50 years or longer. (Courtesy of Laura Swiess)
L - R: Mr & Mrs. W. W. Spear (Pandora), Mr & Mrs. W. A. Reed (Sunnyside), Mr & Mrs. J.B. Poe (Stockdale), Mr & Mrs. A.R. Becker (Poth), Rev & Mrs. J.R. Kidwell (Stockdale), Mr & Mrs. Sam T. Moore (Fairview), Mr & Mrs. W.F. Smith (Floresville), Mr & Mrs.  Robert L. Lothringer (Fairview), Mr & Mrs. Albert Zunker (Poth), Mr & Mrs. J.P. Lorenz (Stockdale), Mr & Mrs. John Ivy (Nixon), Mr & Mrs. J.B. Polon (Nixon), Mr & Mrs. T.M. Dennis (San Antonio), Mr & Mrs. Fred Haese ( San Antonio), Mr & Mrs. R.E. Michens ( San Antonio), Mr & Mrs. John B. Scheffler (Kosciusko), Mr & Mrs. R.C. Talley (San Antonio), Mr & Mrs. J.J. Morhand (Nixon), Mr & Mrs. George E. Korges (San Antonio), Mr. & Mrs. John L. Chesser (San Antonio), Mr & Mrs.  F.A. Garner (San Antonio), Mr & Mrs.  John W. Wiseman ( Floresville), Mr & Mrs.  W.D. Dennis (San Antonio), Mr & Mrs.  William Freeman (San Antonio)