Talk of Wilson County TX Historic Towns

by Barbara J. Wood
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Arrowheads in Wilson County

Posted on McDearmans Texas Arrowheads by Lane Talbert, "I helped move some Wilson County Sand Pit test dirt at Digging on the T&J Ranch in Sutherland Springs, Wilson County, Texas this evening. This point rolled out on my last load. I think it's a Wilson, and I've never seen any material quite like it. ***Update*** believed to be Pisgah Ridge Chert- sourced over 230mi away

Authentic arrowheads from Wilson County Texas

"A DOZEN" authentic arrowheads from Wilson County Texas. "The white sand pit of Sutherland Springs is the oldest archaeological dig in Wilson County. The site dates to over 10,000 years old. The land that encompasses our rich-in-history county, has been the site of human habitation for several millennia. Archeological evidence reveals that hunter-gatherer Indians of the Coahuiltecan linguistic family occupied the region for several thousand years prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century. The sand pits located near Sutherland Springs have revealed this archeological evidence in the form of arrowheads dating back nearly 10,000 years. In later years, the lands of Wilson County inhabited by the Coahuiltecans, were taken over by intrusive groups of Indians such as the Comanche, Tonkawa, and Lipan-Apache." (Info Courtesy of Mark Cameron, Wilson County Historian)
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Metate grinding stone

Will Beauchamp noticed the information on this Metate grinding stone showed it was from Floresville Wilson County Texas. This is located in the Blackland Museum in Taft, Texas.  No other info on it. (Thank you for sharing with TWCTHT!)