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by Barbara J. Wood
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Medical Doctors of Wilson County Texas

Compiled by Shirley Grammer, Wilson County Texas Historian,  for the Wilson County Historical Society.   

Which Doctors do you remember? 
Archer, Dr. Cullen Whiteworth - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Bailey, Dr. T. K. - Practiced in Floresville
Bartonek, Dr. Victoria - Interred Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery
Batte, Dr. Thomas M. - Interred Palm Cemetery, Stockdale
Beakley, Dr. George Washington - Interred Levelland, Hockley County,Texas
Beakley, Dr. Jonathan - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Francis, Dr. Benjamin - Practiced in Sutherland Springs 
Blake, Dr. John Vaughn Sr. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Blake, Dr. John Vaughn Jr. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Boone, Dr. James - Practiced in Wilson County / interment unknown
Boykin, Dr. S. R. - Practiced in Floresville 
Brahan, Dr. Robert W. - Interred Cemetery #2, San Antonio
Brewton, Dr. I. H. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery 
Brown, Dr. Hosea - Practiced in Stockdale 
Burrows, Dr. Edgar - Practiced in Floresville 
Burrows, Dr. J. T. - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Callaway, Dr. W. R. - Interred Kicaster Cemetery
Camp, Dr. W. W. - Practiced in Floresville & Atascosa County
Chew, Dr. Thomas R. - Practiced in Stockdale & Sutherland Springs
Clark, Dr. William Miles - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Coble, Dr. Robert Lee - Practiced in Floresville
Cone, Dr. Archibald - Interred Union Valley Cemetery
Dryden, Dr. R. H. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Elder, Dr. N. A. - Interred in Nixon Cemetery
Evans, Dr. A. D. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Farrell, Dr. N. E. - Practiced in Floresville 
Fly, Dr. J. M. - Practiced in Union Valley / Interred Leesville 
Fouts, Dr. F. F. - Practiced in Floresville & Karnes County 
Fultz, Dr. Hugh - Interred San Jose Cemetery, SA
Futrell, Dr. R. L. - Practiced in Poth
Gaddis, Dr. Herman W. - Practiced in Hallettsville & Stockdale 
Galloway, Dr. W. R. - Interred Kicaster Cemetery
Garrison, Dr. Theodore - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Gilliland, Dr. S. D. - Interred Fairview Cemetery
Gonzalez, Dr. Heraglio - Interred San Fernando Cemetery #2, SA
Gouger, Dr. R. L. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Graves, Dr. Henry - Practiced in La Vernia 
Gray, Dr. R. H. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Haverlah, Dr. Gene - Practiced in Floresville
Haynes, Dr. W. C. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Hoke, Dr. C. C. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Holland, Dr. James B. - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Houston, Dr. David Hannah - Interred Salem-Sayers Cemetery, Bexar County
Houston, Dr. John Page - Interred Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery
Hutchinson, Dr. William Joseph - Interred Oconomowoc , WI.
Irwin, Dr. A. S. - Practiced in Floresville
Irwin, Dr. Alexander Wyatt - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Irwin, Dr. Clyde Moran - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Irwin, Dr. J. W. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Johns, Dr. Robert Marvin - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Johnson, Dr. B. F. - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Johnson, Dr. Elliott Wendell "Ted" - Interred Sunset Memorial Park, S.A., TX
Johnson, Dr. Max E. - Interred Mission Burial Park, South, S.A., TX 
Jones, Dr. Joseph W. - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
King, Dr. W. A. - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Langford, Dr. W. L. - Practiced in Carpenter & East Bexar County
Layton, Dr. L. F. - Practiced in Floresville 
Leach, Dr. T. T. - Interred Leach-Hastings Cemetery
Lillard, Dr. J. M. - Interred Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Martin, Dr. Robinson G. - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Mason, Dr. J. M. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
May, Dr. H. B. - Practiced in Stockdale 
McCauley, Dr. W. C. - Practiced in Floresville 
McMahon, Dr. J. H. (Surgeon) - Interred St. Hedwig Cemetery, Bexar County
Messinger, Dr. D. B. (Surgeon) - Interred Wyatt Cemetery
Mitchell, Dr. J. L. - Practiced in Floresville 
Montgomery, Dr. W. H. - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Morrow, Dr. John W. - Interred Sutherland Springs Cemetery
Moursund, Dr. Walter H. - Interred Grove Hill Memorial Cemetery, Dallas 
Myers, Dr. Clyde Purvis - Practiced in Floresville 
Nixon, Dr. Sam - Interred Nixon Cemetery, Gonzales County
Osoba, Dr. William G. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Oxford, Dr. Jerry W. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Oxford, Dr. Marvin Bradfield - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Petrie, Dr. Socrates J. - Interred Fairview Cemetery
Ridge, Dr. Charles - Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN.
Roth, Dr. H. G. - Practiced in Floresville 
Scull, Dr. Jackson - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Scull, Dr. Charles E. Sr. - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Scull, Dr. William Emmet - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Shely, Dr. William - Practiced in Floresville 
Sims, Dr. Jesse G. - Interred Marcelina Cemetery
Sisley, Dr. Nina Mae - Practiced in Stockdale
Smith, Dr. C. F. - Practiced in Union Valley 
Smith, Dr. James Wooten - Interred Sample Cemetery, Gonzales County
Sparks, Dr. John E. - Interred Sunset Memorial Park, San Antonio
Stevenson, Dr. R. - Practiced in Sutherland Springs
Stroud, Dr. Thomas M. - Interred Stockdale City Cemetery
Sutherland, Dr. John - Interred Sutherland Springs Cemetery
Sutherland, Dr. William - Interred Evergreen Cemetery, Victoria
Thompson, Dr. W. B. - Interred Nockenut Cemetery
Tiner, Dr. Elmer L. - Interred Bexar County
Treon, Dr. Johnnie - Practiced in Floresville, interred San Benito 
Tullos, Dr. Hugh S. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Walker, Dr. R. W. - Interred Sutherland Springs Cemetery
Ware, Dr. Ella - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Warren, Dr. Charles - Interred Concrete Cemetery, Guadalupe County
Watkins, Dr. Charles R. - Interred Floresville City Cemetery
Watkins, Dr. R. H. - Practiced in Floresville 
Weston, Dr. John M. - Interred Sutherland Springs Cemetery
Wiley, Dr. Britt - Interred Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Williams, Dr. James C. - Practiced in Pandora 
Williams, Dr. John A. - Practiced in Stockdale 
Williams, Dr. W. E. - Interred in Rockdale, Milam County
Wood, Dr. D. T. - Interred Stockdale Cemetery
Wood, Dr. Ethel M. - Practiced in Stockdale
Compiled by Shirley Grammer
Wilson County Sesquicentennial 1860-2010