by Barbara J. Wood
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CARPENTER TEXAS ... I love it when readers share "treasures" of their own.  If you take a few moments to look closely at  CaseY Tom's photos you'll see the life of the Golle Family.  Hopefully,  further research will reveal an incredible story.
 [Carpenter is a small unincorporated community in western Wilson County, Texas, United States. It lies between the towns of La Vernia and St. Hedwig on Farm to Market Road 1346. In 1900, the Federal Census enumerated William Flynn, railroad section boss, and seven workers living in the community. The family surnames associated with the community are: Calloway, Deptawa, Dzierzanowski, Golla, Gorzell, Irwin, Javior, Kosub, Kiolbassa, Mroz, Palitza, Ploch, Pierdolla, Ramjinski, Scholtysik, Sacherer, Sczech, Skrzyski, Stanush, Strey, Winkler, Wostal, and Zaiontz ]
"The old house has a basement. I found preserved honey, oil, all kinds of bottles, etc.. I have not searched it all. The old house has walls 3 ft thick. It is the coolest structure. The triangle thing is concrete and cast iron and wood beams all around! Dated 1936. But in a rock next to it i found a round metal ball implanted in a huge stone. Shell casing of a rimfire cartridge that is not a 22 caliber. And literally so much stuff it is amazing. A cast iron sink buried with a date 1909 in excellent shape. Not to mention all of the native american artifacts!" (Courtesy of Casee Toms. Thank you! )