by Barbara J. Wood
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The Green School Thanksgiving Play

The Green School Thanksgiving Play .... would be considered insensitive nowaday. The date is not given for the photograph yet in those days it was natural for a Cowboy & Indian portrayal.
  Green School was a one room schoolhouse that was located on Farm Road 1344, which is west of Floresville in the Camp Ranch community. It started out as a one-room schoolhouse. Martha Bartek was one of the first teachers. Theo Boenning told me more about the school than anyone else when I talked to him one time. They first built it on a sandy hill, but when the wind blew it was so much sand, the kids could not go out for recess. So they moved down the hill close to road. 
    When it was time for "books", the teacher would always come out and ring and bell and they knew it was time for "books". Recess was over! He loved recess, but he really loved learning too.
    His fondest memories of the school were the plays they used to have there. He called them "talent plays", and they would give them the booklets and give them parts and characters to play, and they would have to memorize the parts.
    Then the teachers would advertise about the play and when they put the play on, the school house would be packed full of people. It would be on a night, and they would light the schoolhouse with gasoline lamps, something called an Aladdin Lamp. It had two little wicks to light and put out a pretty good light. You had to pump a little air in them once in awhile for it to work.  He said they always enjoyed the practicing as much as going on the night they put the play on! The name of one play was "The Absent Minded Professor." Theo had a part in that play and he said he still remembered some of his lines.
COURTESY/ Lois Wauson
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......  a farm truck used at the Camp Ranch community during the 1920's. (Photo Courtesy/ Viola Henke )
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... at the Camp Ranch dance platform? Many families, couples, individuals did so with much delight! Long after the dances ended the swooshing, sliding of the schottische & the waltz reverberated from the old boards.

COURTESY / Viola Henke
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Camp Ranch Trio

..... is showing off their vehicle in their community. Humm.... wonder what kind of car this is?

COURTESY / Viola Henke
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Camp Ranch, February 1949

The Camp Ranch community... in Wilson County Texas was freezing during this vintage photo. Viola Henke's mother, Ella Guenther, poses in February 1949 beside the frozen overflow from the old wooden cistern.
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Camp Ranch 1920s

CAMP RANCH ... Wilson County Texas 1920's (Viola Henke Photo)
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Camp Ranch 1924

CAMP RANCH... Wilson County Texas (Viola Henke  photo)
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Camp Ranch - 1930

CAMP RANCH .... Charley and Ella Boening with daughter Edna in the 1930's Camp Ranch Community. ( Viola Henke's grandparents)
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Charlie Boening

Charlie Boening is the grandfather of reader Viola Henke ...
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The Mares family

Henry Mares and wife Wilimine of Camp Ranch Community, Wilson County Texas.  The Mares are the great great grandparents of Viola Henke . (Thank you Viola for sharing)
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Gerhardt Boening House

CAMP RANCH WILSON COUNTY TEXAS : Gerhardt Boening House (Photo shared by his great granddaughter, Viola Henke )
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.... a delivery truck to the Camp Ranch Repair Shop owned by Charley Boening.  Viola Henke shares this stunning vintage photo of her grandfather's truck.