Talk of Wilson County TX Historic Towns

by Barbara J. Wood
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An 1870 Showcase that came out of Griffith Mercantile in Floresville Texas now sits in a fudge shop. The lovely antique is 150 years old or more and belongs to Susan-Mitchell Deagen of Leakey Texas. A Mrs. Mills from Floresville sold it from an estate sale.

In this 1877 Street scene of third and "C" street looking north, is the John Griffith Co. store that sits on the corner. The photographer is looking north up Third Steet. Horse drawn wagons and carriages are parked on the dirt streets.  These photos once taken merely to document their present, they now help us witness the past. The "gasoline" sign is on the left side half way down.  (Courtesy of "The Portal to Texas History")

Another amazing 1907 photograph from UTSA Library shows the photo's view looking northwest from Wilson County Courthouse in Floresville Texas. Third Street on left, B Street on right. Among the businesses are the W. W. Rhode One Price Case Store,  the John Griffith store, and the Palace.