The Wilson County Historical Society was formed as a subset of the Wilson County Historical Commission to research and preserve the rich past of Wilson County, Texas.  Our web site provides much information about the society to include some of our research, our projects, our photos, and our events.

Wilson County, in south central Texas, was legally organized by an act of the legislature of the State of Texas, on February 13, 1860, out of Karnes and Bexar counties. Floresville is located on part of the Juan and Simon Arocha Spanish land grant which was granted in 1782. When these gentlemen died their heirs broke the land up into 8 tracts. Jose Maria Flores bought 3/4 of tract 7 located on the east side of the San Antonio River. Nemencio de la Zerda purchased 1/3 of this land and Lodi was established on his land. After Jose Maria Flores' death his daughter, Josefa Flores Barker donated some of the land to Wilson County so that the county could have a county seat. Floresville, the county seat was named for this family (Jose Maria Flores). Floresville became the county seat in 1872. A one-story courthouse was built on present day third street where the District Judge's office is today.

Wilson County was named for James Charles Wilson, a native of Yorkshire, England, who came to Texas in 1837.  He was a member of the Mier Expedition into Mexico.  Being one of the lucky prisoners, he escaped the Mier murdering and later became a State Senator.

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